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2012 Voter's Guide

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Dear Friend of the Family,

The North Dakota Family Alliance seeks to strengthen families and protect and defend our family values and matters of faith by influencing public policy. To do so, we invite you to join us. A very important first step is for you to become an informed voter.

The right to vote is a precious privilege, earned long ago at a high price, and should not be taken for granted. Please use this guide as you exercise your privilege to vote, and take the opportunity to share it with family and friends.

  • View the 2012 Voter's Guide
  • View the supplementary "Additional Comments from Candidates"

To share the 2012 Voter's Guide with friends or family via e-mail, follow the following directions:

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If you have any questions in regards to our 2012 Voter's Guide or NDFA in general, please feel free to contact us.

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